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What Women Think About Womanhood & Men?

In our survey among women on womanhood, three words that are frequently used to define womanhood and woman are nurture, sensitiveness, and empathy. The two less frequent words are balance and adaptability. What does it mean being a woman? Some women feel proud because of being gifted with the ability to create life out of […]

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Initiative Against Slut-shaming

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What an Empowered Woman is All About?

This week, the topic of Indispire is what an empowered woman is all about? If you ask me in one word, the answer would be SLUT. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder, in the comment to my post What is Wrong in Being a Slut, wrote: “A woman getting promotion for two consecutive years; she must be a […]

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What is Wrong in Being a Slut – Part 2

Here is the second part of the series: What’s wrong in being a slut? Summary of Part 1 In Part 1, we have discussed in brief the concept of Butterfly Effect in Psychology and the role of Psychological Trauma in Character Development of a person. We have also seen that how incidences of slut-shaming could […]

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What is Wrong in Being a Slut?

Oh, yes, you read it right! I really asked: what’s wrong in being a slut? I’m pondering over it after reading a few posts of Sreesha Divakaran in which she talks about slut-shaming, especially Ghosts of Slut Shaming at which she had earlier published on her blog with the title The Butterfly Effect. The […]

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Awareness on Consent

Bollywood Actresses Roundtable Conference 2018

Why Rani Sounds Practical regarding Metoo than Others during Bollywood Roundtable Actresses 2018?

There were four active participants discussing the topic Metoo during Bollywood Roundtable Actresses Conference 2018. They were Rani Mukerji, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, and Anushka Sharma. Only two persons, Alia and Rani, appear to me as realistic. It’s easy to complain, but the real task is to come up with the solutions. It’s an old […]

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Is Milo Moire’s Nude Protest Only a Publicity Stunt?

The question crept in my mind after reading Parul Thakur’s article, What message is Milo Moire’s act sending? Who is Milo Moire? Let me first tell you who Milo Moire is. She is a performance artist who graduated in psychology with a focus on cognitive, neuro & perceptual psychology. After graduating, she decided to fully […]

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