About Slutylish

Vision: A world of fearless people having positive attitude with a feeling of gratitude.

Mission: To help people see that happiness is a choice and so is misery.


Slutylish is concious choice-making

Slutylish is a step towards the formation of a world in which people live fearlessly in a positive way with a feeling of gratitude in them.  It is conceived to make people aware of their choices they are making on a daily basis so that they make it wisely because your happiness is the outcome of your choices only. 

The irony is most of the people make choices unconsciously, therefore, don’t think they are choices and yet they are. If you are insulted, you most likely make the choice of being offended, and if you are praised you most likely make the choice of being pleased but think about it: It’s still a choice.

Though people are infinite choice-makers but most of their behaviors are mechanical in the form of conditioned reflexes that are constantly being triggered by people and circumstances around them.

Someone can beat you and inflict pain but cannot make you suffer from these. The feeling of suffering will be your choice only. Tony Robbins said, “Nothing has any power over me other than that which I give it through my conscious thoughts.”

By witnessing the choices you are making, you take the whole process from the unconscious realm into the conscious realm. 

Slutylish is way of living

Slutylish is a way of living — An Unattached Way, in which attachment and detachment are practiced simultaneously, as exemplified by a lotus leaf. It doesn’t matter how much water you pour on it, it won’t get affected.

When water is on the lotus leaf, it attaches with water but when the water slips off the leaf, it detaches. You won’t find any trace of water on the leaf after the water slips off it. It will remain unaffected. Also, the lotus grows in dirt but looks beautiful. Because of these qualities of lotus, it is considered as a symbol of enlightenment. You often find pictures of Buddha sitting on a lotus.

The word ‘slutylish’ is derived from the word ‘slut,’ which is a synonym of dirt. No lotus is possible without it. Slut is the potentiality of supreme wisdom but many people don’t like the word slut because, nowadays, it has been used to refer females who are involved in promiscuity or prostitution.   

There is not much difference between the lifestyle of a lotus and the lifestyle of a slut. Both practices the unattached way of living. A slut lives in a body but is not attached to her body. At the time of making love, she attaches herself and after the act, she detaches herself. The act of love-making doesn’t affect her. She remains unaffected. On the contrary, a common household person cannot remain unaffected by it. Most of the crimes in society are done for it only.

Slut is faithful to love not lovers. Lovers may be sinners but not love. Love is God, and that is the reason, slut is more capable of turning into an enlightened person than a common household person. The greatest example of such conversion is Amrapali.

Lotus grows in slut. There are two ways of looking at it: one way is to consider lotus as unpleasant and derogatory because it grows in slut and the other way is to consider slut as lovely and holy because it produces lotus. The choice is yours and that choice is going to determine whether you will live a happy or a miserable life.

Hugh Downs said, “A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.”

Slutylish is fearlessness

Purna was among the ten principal disciples of Buddha. When he was going to spread Buddha’s words in the area of Sukha, Buddha warned him not to go there because the people of that area were dangerous; they could insult him. To that Purna replied he would consider himself fortunate that he was not beaten but only insulted. Then Buddha asked what if they beat you? To that Purna replied he would consider himself fortunate that he was not killed but only insulted. Buddha further asked what if they kill you? To that Purna replied he would thank the people for releasing him from the life in which he could have gone astray. After hearing his reply, Buddha blessed him and said that he could go wherever he wanted because nothing could hurt him.

Purna was not the exception. History is full of such instances. Another great example is of Mansoor. Mansoor was a Sufi saint, who declared that he was the truth (God) and for that, he was executed in public in a very cruel and brutal manner. First, his hands and feet were cut off followed by his tongue. Even his eyes were gouged out before his killing but throughout the ordeal, he was laughing. When his tongue was cut, he was laughing through his eyes. When his eyes were gouged out, he was laughing through his face. Executioners did execute him but could not stop him from being happy.

Someone can scold you, abuse you, beat you, and even kill you but cannot take your freedom to be happy and blissful. Freedom lies in fearlessness. Slutylish is the fearless style of positive living.