What an Empowered Woman is All About?

This week, the topic of Indispire is what an empowered woman is all about? If you ask me in one word, the answer would be SLUT.

Maniparna Sengupta Majumder, in the comment to my post What is Wrong in Being a Slut, wrote: “A woman getting promotion for two consecutive years; she must be a slut according to her colleagues. A girl spends time with her HOD for academic purposes and then secures excellent marks; she is also a slut to the not-so-good students. Boys fail to get attention from a certain girl; as a counter to their insult, they mark her slut….the list just goes on.”

It clearly shows that excellence of women in any field is acknowledged by the word slut. All female celebrities irrespective of their field whether in cinema or sports or politics are referred as slut on some points of their life. Even queens were called sluts; for example, Cleopatra, Draupadi, etc. Goddesses are also not spared. Durga, who is revered as Goddess of Power, is also called slut by some. The issue was raised by Smriti Irani in the parliament.
As it appears, women empowerment and slut-shaming are the two sides of the same coin. I started the series what’s wrong in being a slut with the intention to change the perception of the word slut, and I’m happy that it’s reflecting in the responses I’m getting.

Sangeeta Mishra said in a tweet regarding my post What is Wrong in Being Slut – Part 2:

To yield greater effect, I’d like you to do some active mental exercise side by side the passive reading of the series. I’m launching a writing contest by the name Slutylish Think Different Contest, in which you will have to weave a story using the word slut in a positive way. The story needs not to be about slut. You could use the word slut in any context. The only condition is that it has to be positive and inspiring.

The story that will please the jury the most will be given Prize Money of Rs. 500 and the author will be honored by Best Creative Writer Award. There’s prize for commenting also. One commentator will get Prize Money of Rs. 50 along with Best Critic Award. For details, visit: slutylish.com.    

If we attach a positive meaning to the word slut, we could save many young minds from being traumatic.   

Ravish Mani is a motivational writer, who believes that men need feminism too, as it is about equal rights and opportunities for both men and women equally.