What Women Think About Womanhood & Men?

In our survey among women on womanhood, three words that are frequently used to define womanhood and woman are nurture, sensitiveness, and empathy. The two less frequent words are balance and adaptability.

What does it mean being a woman?

Some women feel proud because of being gifted with the ability to create life out of them.

On other hand, few are indifferent regarding their gender. They believe their gender don’t matter, they just happen to be the women; they would be doing what they are doing if the things are otherwise.

A few also state that they can’t be defined by their hormones or their ability to procreate; they are more than a man or a woman.   

Difference between womanhood and feminism

On the matter of difference between womanhood and feminism, almost everyone agrees that they are two different things with the few exceptions who believe they are same, as they both ultimately mean to stand up for women.

In general, a consensus is seen that womanhood is about the essence of being a woman while feminism is about gender equality.

Few also mentioned that the feminist movements are female-centered and often see men as possible enemies.  

Difference between men and women  

Regarding the difference between men and women, 44% women acknowledge the fact that men and women are psychologically different while 17% believe that there’s no psychological difference between men and women.

There are also who agree that there are psychologically differences between men and women but can’t be generalized. 

39% considered societal mindset and upbringing are responsible for the difference between the genders.

The two differences that became prominent in the survey are that women are multitasking while men aren’t and they are also more sensitive than man though one woman thinks that men are more sensitive.

One myth has also been discovered that women use both hemispheres of the brain while men use only one.

What make some people feel like a woman despite having a man’s body?

On the question of what make some people feel like a woman despite having a man’s body, 44% choose not to answer the question.

Those who answers opined that being more sensitive and emotional might be the reason along with their physical attraction to other men.

Do women need men when they can enjoy sexual pleasure through sex toys and can procreate through cloning technique without intervention of male?

In response to the query whether women need men in their life, as they can satisfy their sexual needs using sex toys and can also procreate using cloning technique without any male intervention, 50% state that both men and women are necessary because they complete each other.

22% are of the opinion that it’s not about sex but partner.

17% agrees that it’s about having partner in one’s life but it’s not necessary that they should be of opposite sex.

Few people opt not to comment on this matter.

Comparison between the terms Gender Complementarity & Gender Equality

When asked whether Gender Complementarity is a better term than Gender Equality owing to the fact that men & women are different not only biologically but psychologically also, 22% found the term gender complementarity better.

Also, 22% of women opined that the word doesn’t matter but the meaning, which is about equal access to opportunities and resources to both genders.

They are of the opinion that social, political, and economical equality is important; not the term.

One also proposed the term Gender Indifference because she was brought up that way. No one told her to do something or not to something because she belonged to a specific gender.

Measures to be taken to attain Gender Equality

Regarding the measures to be taken to attain gender equality, only 17% come up with the idea of what action should be taken to bridge the gap between the genders.

28% don’t suggest any actionable steps but opined that parenting plays crucial role in the matters of gender equality.

39% simply blame the society for all the disparities.

Few also mentioned that the women are themselves responsible for their condition and opined that the day women start respecting and supporting themselves, the problem would resolve itself.  


Note: Since our sample size is not more than 50, we avoid stating percentage below 10. Though our size is very small but it represents the thoughts of the women of all over the world belonging to different ethnicity, religion, region, social, and economic background. The sample has also good balance of working women as well as homemakers.    


PS: On request of some, we extended the last date of submission and have received forms till last night. Thanks for the overwhelming support.


In this post, we just present the overall summary of the different opinions we received. A detailed analysis of the views with contributor’s name & quotes is on the way and will be published here very soon. If you would like to be notified of the same, please don’t forget to fill up the subscription form given below:


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8 thoughts on “What Women Think About Womanhood & Men?

  1. Such articles play a vital role to bring change in the society. Male and female, man or woman , indeed both make the society. Discrimination on the basis of gender is not good for both.
    Agree ! Patents play an important role to change the mindset of growing children who are going to be a part of adult society.

  2. It is interesting to know the results of the survey and know what others think of these matters. Thanks for taking the initiative of talking only to women. That way a clearer narrative would emerge.

    Waiting for the detailed analysis.

  3. Hi Ravish, great work here. Looking forward to more in this series… I feel I’m still on the journey to know myself (I’m a slow learner, perhaps – a perpetual work-in-progress 🙂 So I thought I’d be rather happy reading what others have to say.

  4. This was quite an exhaustive survey and it is interesting to note that there was a lot of difference of opinion and no clear-cut prejudicial behaviour. Happy to have contributed to it.

  5. When I got the survey and filled it, I was really interested to know how you woukd present the data. Well this is an interesting presentation and got to know what others think too on the subject. Glad to have participated in the survey Ravish. It was a good one.

  6. Good to know how the sample felt on the questions you had asked. I think you have done a good job presenting the data. Thank you for your effort!

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