Write for Us – Article Submission Guidelines

If you believe in what we believe and would like to contribute to our cause by writing articles for us, you are most welcome. Kindly keep in mind the following points while writing for us:

  • We are currently seeking articles that come under following categories:
    1. Spreading positivity in life;
    2. Talking about equality whether it’s gender, racial, religion, or any kind;
    3. Promotion of femininity within individuals irrespective of their genders;
    4. Making awareness on consent, including sex education; and
    5. Saving females from traumatic effect of slut-shaming
  • The articles submitted by you must be new, original, unique, and written by you exclusively for Slutylish under Common Creative License.  Any previous post of yours may be accepted if you do a 301 redirect to your original post.
  • The articles must have been written in at least 1000 words in proper English without any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. We suggest you proofread your articles before submission using tools, such as Grammarly etc.
  • The articles must have proper headings and subheadings. Use examples and anecdotes to clarify your points.  Keep the paragraphs short and use bulleted list wherever necessary. Try to present one idea in one paragraph.
  • Try to provide at least one image with each article of yours. You don’t need to include the image in your article. The image is needed to be displayed in social-sharing links. Please provide images that you are authorized to publish, and don’t forget to give proper attribution when you include the images in your articles.  
  • You may provide as much link as you want in your articles but the links should be relevant to the contents of the articles and must provide extra information on the topics dealt in your articles.   
  • Submitting your articles to Slutylish does not entitle you to financial compensation of any kind. Be clear that you are writing articles for us because you believe in our cause and want to help selflessly; it is not for some monetary gains.
  • Please don’t be offended if we suggest changes in your articles, including the titles and images provided by you.

Use the form below to ask a request to write for us. Kindly double check the spelling of your email while submitting the form. We will start processing your form after your email verification.